Raleigh Therapist’s Guide to Thrive This Spring

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A Spring Revival

A new year brings about feelings of renewal, rejuvenation, reflection, and resolution. But, those feelings often fade in the first few weeks. Then, the hope of Springtime comes and those hopes renew that pep in your step! You think happy thoughts of warmer days ahead and plan how to spend your time in the warmth of the sun! Let’s get back to thriving this spring! Here are some practical things you can do to help achieve your goals and thrive this spring. Regardless of what your goals are!

Break down big tasks into smaller ones.

Thinking about spring cleaning? Start with one room and tackle your to-do list before moving to the next room of your house. You could even start in the master bedroom. You may break it down by doing laundry and sorting cold weather clothes and warm weather clothes. Then, wash and change the sheets, the curtains, etc. Makes sense? 

Give yourself grace when trying to accomplish tasks.

Things don’t have to get completed in one day. Focus on your to-do list and do what you can when you can do it. If it’s not done today, that’s ok! Try again tomorrow or the next day. 

Accept change.

If something doesn’t go according to plan, it’s ok! No one is perfect and your to-do list doesn’t have to be either. Be gentle with yourself.

A close up of a budding leaf Foundations Family Therapy. Learn more about therapy in Raleigh, NC by contacting a therapist in Raleigh, NC. We offer men's therapy in Raleigh, NC and other services. 27606 Comparison is the thief of joy.

Does your Instagram feed look like everyone else is living their best life? Does your friend have their kitchen shelves organized while you haven’t thrown out last night’s take-out? Of course, it does! We only post the good things, not the messy and unpredictable. Remember, everyone goes through struggles. Each person’s struggles appear in different ways. These can be gentle reminders to yourself that it’s ok not to have it all together all the time.

Play your favorite music, audiobook, or podcast if accomplishing tasks at home.

You may listen to helpful, learning podcasts, or podcasts for entertainment. Regardless, there is something for everyone! Here is one of my guilty pleasure podcasts for those who like pop culture (no judgment)

Take breaks and enjoy the process while thriving in spring! 

Take things at your own pace and remember to be gentle, kind, and patient with yourself when trying to meet goals. So, practice self-care! Whatever your goals are, finding balance is key! Try these steps and if they help you, share them with a friend or family member!

A close up of a hand touching a plant with the sun in the background. Learn more about therapy in Raleigh, NC by contacting a therapist in Raleigh, NC today. We offer support with a variety of services including depression help online in Raleigh, NC and more. 27606If you need more support with mental health, please feel free to reach out to us! We also have an online, self-paced guide. It’s created by one of our therapists called “From Surviving to Thriving”. Spring is a great opportunity to tune up your mental health and this guide is a great way to do it. Our online course contains videos, resources, teaching, homework, and more. Our team of Raleigh therapists can help you feel better right from home. Learn more about it here!

Begin Working With A Therapist in Raleigh, NC

We understand working to achieve your goals is much easier said than done. This is why we are happy to offer support from our Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Fuquay Varina offices. Our caring therapists can equip you with the tools to help you meet your goals and support your mental health. To start the therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Request an appointment
  2. Meet with a therapist in Raleigh, NC
  3. Start connecting with our emotions!

Other Services Offered with Foundations Family Therapy

We offer a variety of services from our Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Fuquay Varina offices. These services include support for teens, young adults, families, and couples. We also offer Christian counseling, therapy for infertility, anxiety, grief, depression, and support for recovering from trauma. If making in-person sessions doesn’t fit in your schedule, learn more about online therapy. Or, visit our blog, FAQ, events, or about page for helpful info.