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Do you sometimes feel suddenly triggered by something as you are going about your day, suddenly snatched back into some painful memory from your past? Do you feel as if past experiences are preventing you from experiencing life today? Do you think that you should be “over it” but find that old pains still persist?

When we experience trauma, it is not usually something that simply goes away if we give it enough time or ignore it. Often more help is needed. This is why trauma therapy can be helpful. If you have lived through abuse or struggled with infertility or perhaps have returned from war overseas, it is normal to have struggles to reckon with your past, what you have seen and experienced.

Recognizing Trauma Symptoms

If these symptoms describe you, it is possible you are dealing with past trauma. Therapy may be a helpful tool as you try to move forward with your life.

You are struggling to transition back into society after serving in the military

You wonder if you’ll ever feel like yourself again

You feel your sense of security has been shattered and go about your days constantly “on edge”

You are routinely angry, agitated, or fearful

You struggle to sleep or control your thoughts

You feel the need to stay away from any places, events, or objects that remind you of prior trauma

You have trouble remembering key features of the traumatic event

You often have distorted feelings related to guilt or blame from the experience

How Trauma

Therapy Helps

Trauma therapy can help people who have suffered in these ways through a number of different tools and methods. Therapy can help you:

Understand and identify triggers

Replace fearful or negative thoughts with positive ones

Teach your brain to reconnect pieces of your story into a whole story that can be understood and rewritten

What Trauma Therapy Looks Like

Therapy is always individualized to the needs of the client. Our therapists might use any number of tools to help you pursue health. Typically, therapy begins with the client and therapist working together to define goals for the client as well as a plan that will help the person move from where they are, to where they would like to be, from surviving to actually thriving.

That said, one common technique with people who have experienced trauma is called EMDR. EMDR stands for “eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.” EMDR has proven effective for many people, including those who need help recovering from childhood trauma, sexual assault, or the sudden death of a loved one.

Our therapists are based in Fuquay Varina, Raleigh, and Wake Forest. They have extensive experience working with a variety of trauma, including childhood abuse, trauma related to military service, and trauma related to being a first responder. If you are a veteran, an adult coming to terms with childhood abuse, a first responder, or on active duty, it is normal to have intense emotions. Trauma therapists can help you feel grounded, minimize nightmares and flashbacks, and begin to feel reconnected to the world and people around you. Contact our office today to schedule a preliminary appointment.

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