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Our dedicated team of therapists walks with people every step of the way. They hold their hand and guide them through the journey of healing. We will be with you throughout counseling in Wake Forest, NC.


A Location Picked for Convenience in Heritage


Fur Wake Forest office is designed to be a place that is easy to access and comfortable to approach. We chose a convenient location located in Heritage in Wake Forest. We serve clients in Wake Forest, Wakefield, Youngsville, Knightdale, and eastern Wake county

Our suite is in Heritage. We are close to restaurants, shopping, schools, Wakefield, and downtown Wake Forest. When you turn off Main Street in Wake Forest onto Rogers Road, you will find our office building. We are behind the Culver’s in Wake Forest. The building has private parking and a welcoming building.


Counseling in Wake Forest, NC: A Comfortable and Safe Space for Healing and Hope


Our Wake Forest location is our newest counseling office. It has been specially designed for your comfort. Our counseling office is in suite 202 on the upper level of the building. You can access our office from the parking lot on the main level.

Our office setup helps us ensure confidentiality and maintains a safe environment. Thus, you will enter a code on the door to gain access to our suite. Once inside, help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea. Please relax in our peaceful waiting room. You can listen to calming instrumental music chosen specifically for you. Then, your therapist will come out to greet you and will show you to your private therapy room.

Our rooms have plush oversized chairs, end tables with rugs, and a home-like atmosphere. You won’t find a couch because we’d like you to have the flexibility of where and how you sit.

We have blankets, notepads, fuzzy pillows, and adult coloring books. For our younger clients and those who are younger at heart, we have paint, art supplies, and toys. Creative elements can help you express emotions. So, we have these available to use as part of counseling in Wake Forest, NC if you would like.

A potted plant rests against a blank background for Foundations Family Therapy. Contact a therapist for support with counseling in Wake Forest, NC. We can offer support for couples therapy, grief counseling, and other services.

Depression Counseling in Wake Forest, NC


Depression can leave you feeling like you are scraping by to make it through the day. Our Wake Forest therapists help people navigate depression so they can thrive. Depression counseling often includes identifying negative thoughts and learning new positive thought patterns. Your therapist may also help you to identify triggers to your depression symptoms. Together, you will learn new ways to reduce these reactions so that you can live a freer life.


Anxiety Treatment in Wake Forest, NC


Anxiety can be crippling. But, anxiety treatment is very effective. Through counseling with our licensed therapists, you can learn to let go of fear. Together, you can move from surviving to thriving. An anxiety therapist in Wake Forest, NC can help you identify triggers and recognize thought patterns. Then, your therapist will help you learn grounding techniques. You will find a variety of new ways to keep anxiety from holding you back. Therapy for anxiety can help reduce panic attacks, social phobias, and constant worry.


Christian Counseling in Wake Forest, NC


As counselors, our faith influences our worldview. Thus, at Foundations Family Therapy, we are open and honest about our beliefs. They influence how we understand healing, pain, and hope. At the core of our practice are our Christian beliefs. It is this foundation that impacts our personal values. So, we bring those values and that belief into sessions as therapists.

But, we work with individuals with different perspectives and backgrounds. When you begin therapy, your counselor will meet you wherever you are in your faith journey. Some people want Christian Counseling that includes references to specific bible verses. This helps filter every major decision in your life through a biblical lens. But, other clients appreciate knowing that we share their values. You do not have to be a Christian, nor do you need to talk about your faith in sessions. You may choose to explore your faith in counseling sessions. If so, our Christian Counselors will provide a safe, supportive space for you to do so.

A close up of wooden stairs built into a hill. Counseling in Wake Forest, NC can be an uphill battle to recovery, but a therapist in Wake Forest, NC can offer support. Contact us to learn more about couples therapy in Wake Forest, NC today.

Child Counseling; Teen Counseling and Family Therapy in Wake Forest


Life is difficult. But, sometimes navigating the challenges of childhood or the teenage years can be hard.

Your once easy-going child may now be acting out. They're yelling, throwing tantrums, crying, having difficulty at school or with friends. Now, you're not sure what happened or what to do about it.


Child Therapy


Child therapy can help your child put words to their feelings so that they can communicate with you in a way that is more understandable and approachable.  Through Family Therapy you can also learn ways to talk with your child so that they feel loved, heard, and supported.  Child counseling can often end emotional outbursts, difficult behaviors, and relationship problems.

The teenage years can be tough to process for both parents and teens. It's often a season of physical growth, emotional immaturity, and hormonal changes. At the same time, it is a time for developing a new sense of independence. While some of these areas are embraced and enjoyed, others can strain relationships. In fact, they may even impact school, hobbies, and mood.


Teen Counseling


Teen counseling involves processing these new changes in a safe context. A therapist in Wake Forest, NC that understands the many complexities of teenagers can offer support. Identifying and expressing emotions in a healthy way can help improve relationships. Our team hopes to get your teen talking to you again. Therapists can also screen for underlying causes of emotions and behaviors. This may include abuse, bullying, depression, anxiety, and trauma that may be addressed.


Family Therapy


Family Therapy helps bridge gaps in communication and helps bring parents together. For example, family therapy can help give parents insight into what their teen is feeling. The goal of family therapy is to help the family unit express healing. Importantly, the goal is for every family member to feel respected, heard, and valued. Teens feel like they can talk to their parents in a safe space. With counseling in wake Forest, NC, teens explore their feelings and thoughts in a way they couldn't do before.


Start Counseling in Wake Forest, NC


You or your loved ones don't have to struggle alone with anxiety, depression, or trauma any longer. A skilled counselor for children, teens, adults, and families can help. Together, you and your family can begin to heal and thrive. Our skilled therapists help individuals and families work through trauma, anxiety, depression, or anything impacting mental health. If you have questions or would like to start counseling in Wake Forest, Raleigh, or at our Fuquay Varina clinic, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us or schedule an appointment by clicking the button below
  2. Get to know our caring therapists
  3. start improving your mental health

You can heal, enjoy life once again, reconnect with family and move from surviving to thriving!

A path stretches to the horizon under a lush tree canopy. Counseling in Wake Forest, NC can put you on a better path. Contact a therapist in Wake Forest, NC for support with grief counseling, marriage counseling, and other services.

Other Services Offered at Foundations Family Therapy

Our team offers support for a variety of services in addition to the ones mentioned above. We also offer services from our Raleigh and Fuquay Varina offices, and throughout the state via online therapy. We also provide therapy for grief, Christian counseling, substance abuse counseling, and premarital counseling.