What To Expect



It’s normal to feel a bit unsure about therapy. If you’re new to therapy, you may wonder what a session will be like. Maybe you have been to therapy in the past, and it wasn’t a great fit. Or maybe you had a great experience with therapy, and you’re looking for something similar again.

We create an experience that fits you.

We want you to get what you need from therapy. In order for that to happen, you have to feel like your therapist is a good fit. You can choose your therapist, or we’ll connect you with a therapist who fits your style. Then, they will work with you to create a plan based on what you want to achieve.

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Our Therapy Offices

Our goal is to invite you into a comfortable, peaceful space. Each therapy location has a variety of seating options (not just couches!). Plus, you’ll be offered water, coffee or tea, and a snack.

If you’re bringing a child or a teen, we’ve designed the Fuquay Varina therapy office specifically to meet their unique needs. We have play kitchens, bean bag chairs, floor cushions, and art supplies to make young people feel relaxed and at home.

The First Few Sessions


Get to know you.

In the first session, we typically review confidentiality, the consent form, and the therapy process. It’s also a time for you and your therapist to get to know each other and assess the fit.


Work together.

Because it takes time to build trust, we recommend giving your therapist at least three sessions before you decide if it’s a good fit. Sessions two and three continue the relationship-building process and give the therapist a chance to understand your challenges and your dreams for the future. By the end of the third session, you’ll start to understand your therapist’s style and know if you feel comfortable with them.


Create a plan of action.

Your therapist will lay out a plan of action that gives you a better understanding of what future sessions may look like. You’ll discuss how often you will meet, what you will focus on in sessions, and what you’ll be working on in-between sessions. (Yes, there may be homework, but we promise it’s not long division or book reports.)

Typical Time In Therapy

The therapy process is completely different for each person.

Statistically, people begin to feel somewhat “better” between six and twelve sessions. This doesn’t necessarily mean they end therapy there, although some do. It just means that they begin to feel relief from symptoms, feel hopeful, and gain a sense of control of their life.

For clients working through trauma or couples working through infidelity, the average time in therapy is one year.

We’re not focused on the numbers. We’re focused on you. We love our clients, and we love what we do, but our goal is to ultimately get you out of therapy with the tools you need to live abundantly.

What are therapy sessions like?


First, we’ll pinpoint your challenges, where you want to be, and how you want to feel. Then, your therapist will ask you questions to help you process your challenges. They’ll provide insights and actionable suggestions for feeling better and improving your life, but your decisions and choices will always be yours.

If you are a sensory person, we have interactive elements like adult coloring books to help you process.

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If you want to know the nitty gritty, here are some specific techniques that some of our therapists use:

How to Get Started


Find a Therapist.

If you’re not sure who to pick, reach out to us directly. We’ll help you find a good fit!


Book an Appointment.

Use our easy online booking system or call us to schedule a time that works for you.


Move Towards Your Goals.

We’ll put together a therapy schedule and plan to help you or your loved one thrive.

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