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Yanique Donohue

Brand Manager

What thriving means to me

Thriving to me means exhaling. It means looking at the task at hand, life choices, and thought patterns and exhaling knowing that I have all the tools I need to accomplish what I need to. Thriving means taking on a proactive approach to life and not simply surviving hurdle to hurdle, keeping my head down, and missing out on some truly beautiful moments that life has to offer.

More About Yanique

I create and distribute mental health content for Foundations Family Therapy. I also arrange office networking events and provide marketing support wherever needed.

Why I love what I do

I personally thrive when I have a creative outlet. Designing, creating, and communicating are things that have always brought me great joy. Combined with my utmost respect and personal journey with therapy, this is a dream role for me!

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What i do

For Fun!

My husband and I have (soon to be) 5 children. When I’m not homeschooling, building LEGO towers, or dressing Barbies, you can find me running, reading thrillers, gardening, or baking!