How Yoga Helps Heal Trauma

When people think of trauma, they think of something that happened some time ago. The truth is, trauma is something that settles and continues to grow within when left untreated. If you’ve been traumatized, it’s likely you have a complicated relationship with your body and emotions. Yoga can help restore your relationship with your body, emotions and inner self. Here’s how yoga’s therapeutic and restorative benefits can help start the healing process.

Yoga helps you develop a loving relationship with your body. Yoga is really about developing a deeper sense of oneself. When used to treat trauma, it can help some regain control of their bodies. Its stretching and stabilizing motions help build strength both physically and mentally. As your body becomes strong, so does your inner strength. Many people are able to emerge from tragedy and life a fulfilling life because of yoga.

Our Foundations Center for Trauma Recovery offers holistic wrap-around services like yoga for trauma as part of the healing process. Yoga is a tool you can use to deal with emotional scars. It creates a heightened sense of body awareness, embodiment, and empowerment. These are powerful outcomes for trauma survivors! It’s important to remember that trauma-sensitive yoga is different from other types of yoga because it puts an emphasis on making people feel safe while giving them choices about how to execute their poses and control their bodies.

We’re taking sign ups for our August 2018 groups of yoga-sensitive trauma. If you are someone you know is interested, contact Sharon at 919-285-4802 today for more information.